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Default Re: If Michael Jordan played for the Nuggets or Hornets he'd have no titles... then what?

Originally Posted by FourthTenor
No, you dont, and most people here dont.

In every thread I see "this guys better than that guy cuz he got a ring"


"if so and so gets a ring then he'll be top ___ all time"

It's completely invalid logic and means nothing. Soon I will actually make a running list of retards who do it and bump it every time there's a new addition.

So now you tell me I don't know

Even though I've never used rings as an argument as 1 player being better than the next.

We get it, you're tired of people saying Kobe is better than LeBron because of rings. You're tired of Kobe being regarded as highly as he is by some because of his accomplishments in regards to championships.

It's just funny you try and make these posts to make it seem like you have some uncanny intelligence when you're just a run of the mill troll that points out the obvious when not trolling.
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