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Default Re: Best in game dunks

When thinking best, one of the first dunks that comes to mind came about two years ago at an open gym, when I was about 26 years old. One of my teammates shot a relatively flat three pointer from the right wing and the stars just seemed to perfectly align. I crashed the glass from the top of the key, the shot ricocheted off the iron and backboard, then sprung quickly off the front of the goal.

I didn't really have a lot of time to think. I just planted with two feet, took off, and extended my right arm, hoping for the best. The ball landed perfectly in my palm and due to the accelerated manner with which it came off the rim, the entire tip process was sped up. I hammered the cleanest, most powerful and authoritative tip dunk of my life.

The game shut down for 10 minutes while folks gathered what'd just occurred. One player left the court to sit down for a bit, just shaking his head. Most others were just laughing, and one player who'd made a habit of throwing me wacky alley-oops through the years (of which I'd usually subsequently botch) absolved me of all previous wrong doing after witnessing my putback.

Through my years, I've put down a lot of dunks (and tip dunks even), but there may have only been two that felt like out of body experiences: my very first dunk, and the tip I described above. I honestly could not believe I was capable of pulling off something that nasty. That one resonated for days.

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