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Default nugs draft grade- F

Lawson would be a good player to have as your 3rd pg but that isn't what the team needed this time

Lawson is too small and not a shooter or scorer and won't fit karls 2 gaurd offense he like so much- the positive w lawson imo is that he is close to his ceiling and for as good as he will ever be he should be ready now- if they don't get a real second pg the nugs are in trouble again

So when chicago picked they and everyone knew philly was going pg- if the nuggets were able to get to 18 they could have gotten to 16 for the perfect player for the team- JRUE HOLIDAY- if lawson is worth 1 pick than holiday was worth 2- holiday will be way better and would be a way better fit with the current team

Then on top of that even w holiday off the board the pick before jeff teague is a whole level better as a player also-
There were also up to a half dozen better pg's taken after lawson so the value at 18 was terrible

Llull even measures out and sounds like a more realistic starting/backup pg type- but our team wasn't taking the rights to this guy, they just wanted to make money

If they really did their scouting there is just no way they could come up w trading into the spot they did and taking who they did- they just took the laziest cheapest way out of this draft- and your saying "oh great we got a real steal to be the backup"

how can you not see that the nuggets screwed this one up badly? The chances for a huge day were there and instead the nugs were one of the 5 or so teams that failed miserably-

I didn't think holiday would be possible and it was- didn't even think teague would be possible esp w just 1 future pick then they pass?

Pick 34 had value- there were a lot of real nba players taken shortly after as well as some good looking prospects

Overall grade- a clear FAIL
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