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Default Re: Physical skills for basketball

Originally Posted by Kumo
lol, what does that even mean? I'm positive Carmelo and LeBron can lift a **** ton of weight.

I didn't know we were talking about people that make money from rebounding... I thought we were more talking about amateur basketball.

I don't think vertical is some magic key to basketball, I think it's fun and important... but I think they are all pretty close in importance, nothing really pops out as being the best. Like I said though, I think all of these tie in to each other. Most good basketball players have almost all of these attributes.

Well what I mean is that some people are relatively thin but they can use what strength they have to their advantage. There are thinner guys who can push me back when driving to the basket even though I have a thick build and am weights strong. Carmelo definitely does not put up a lot of weight... I can tell just by looking at him... he doesn't have defined muscle. Lebron is ripped but he isn't going to be able to put up a lot of weight either... His chest is flat and his arms are trim. Then you look at Dwight Howard... He is a beast and all you have to do is take a look at his shoulders to know he can put up all kinds of weight.

In regards to what you said tho... Vert and strength don't go together in many cases like with Karl Malone... but also do in many cases like with Dwight... It's just kind of random. I was saying that there was a difference in the strengths tho because trimmer can guys do a lot if they know how to use what they have.
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