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Default Re: Memphis doesn't deserve an NBA team at all.

Originally Posted by yourhero
They need to move to Louisville when the new arena is done..

I remember that Louisville was one of the cities in the running to get the Grizzlies when they eventually moved to Memphis. Chicago (specifically suburban Rosemont, where DePaul basketball plays) was another city talked about, although I don't think it was a serious contender. As a big of a market that Chicago is, I don't think they would have succeeded there with the Bulls breathing down their necks.

Memphis is a rabid college basketball town, and the University of Memphis have for the most part had competitive teams pretty much every year. The Tigers basketball program rules that town with an iron fist, and this year's trip to the Final Four, I think, solidified that. The Grizzlies haven't drawn well at all since they moved to Memphis, even before FedExForum was built.
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