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Default Re: bulls f'ed up bad letting gordon go and keeping kirk

Originally Posted by Undisputed
Well of course. Haven't I talked about that same stuff on this board recently? Like I said, I just didn't like the Boston comparison. There's no one excuse for the Bulls playing this poorly, there's a lot of contributing factors. Injuries, coaching, shooting, guys playing under expectation, and lack of depth is pretty much everything in a nutshell.

The defense fell apart with injuries though. The defense was fine when the roster was 100%, it's no coincidence that the Bulls defense fell apart when Hinrich and Tyrus went out. People underrate Tyrus's defensive presence. I'm not saying he's an exceptional defender, but we need him because all the load falls on Noah, Taj Gibson(rookie), and a washed up Brad Miller now. When a foundation is weak to begin with, any blow causes a collapse.

Forgive me please from bringing up Boston again bec you basically mentioned how Chicago was playing good defense until 2 key players got hurt, you opened the window, oh well. KG was the anchor of their defense, same with Howard at Orlando, yet when these guys got injured, their defense where still pretty good.
Early last season the Lakers displayed their overload defense and was pretty good at it until other teams adjusted and attacked it's weaknesses. Pls bear in mind that I creditted VDN early in the season, but one thing they are failing to do tho is to make adjustments properly. Lakers adjusted, but so far the Bulls have not.
Im hoping and praying that the Bulls FO would do the right thing. Either replace Vinnie with a proven top notched coach or hire a very good tactician to help him out.
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