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Default Kaman on the trading block?

Posted Peter Vecsey of the NY Post on 11/11/08:

The centerpiece it does involve, I'm informed, is Chris Kaman. Now that Marcus Camby (double-figure rebounding last two games) is nearing full strength, the 1-6 Clippers are open to a rational market trade for the big guy who has battened down their middle for five seasons and is owed $43 million over four seasons.

Sources say Charlotte has no one of consequence Los Angeles desires. Wallace has no appeal. Mike Dunleavy has been there, done that with Corey Maggette, and solemnly swears by Al Thornton. Therefore, the search is on for a team prepared to deal an extraneous or unwanted macho forward to augment Camby; moving Cutino Mobley ($8.9M/$9.5M) in the process or in a side deal would be cause for great celebration by the Staples Center's stepchild.

Zach RandolphZach Randolph would be ideal. Unfortunately for my Paper Clips, the KnicksNew York Knicks are kinda relying on him these days to offset the unavailability of Jared Jeffries, Danilo Gallinari, Curry, Jerome James, Kenny Bannister and Luther Rackley. What's more, Wallace doesn't offer the long-range marksmanship Mike D'Antoni demands from small forwards.

If the Bobcats are unable to satisfy my Paper Clips, the backup plan is to pursue lesser lights like the Nets' Sean Williams. Judging by the 6-10 sophomore's lack of daylight, he's someone the Nets feel they can do nicely
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