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Default Re: NPD - Xbox 360 sells 507,000 units!

Originally Posted by dunksby
Its funny how Microsoft PR hides behind its hold over the US market like its some kind of an achievement... here is the detailed info for those who want the complete stats.

The ps3 is slowly catching up to 360 but their software sales fail in comparison. You can check vgchartz for that as well. I would warn you though, serious gamers will laugh at vgchartz as a source. They are not credible and rely on guesses bc there is no way to track world sales. Japan has media create but that is about it.

Also sony lost this gen, MS and Nintendo stole their market share. I was expecting the ps3 to pass 360 in less than three years. I feel for sry for 360 owners though bc it looks like MS is about to focus mostly on the casual market. I have both consoles but mostly game on my pc so I don't care personally.
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