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Default Re: When is the last time a big FA chose NY?

No one has said its a forgone conclusion... There is nothing definitive.

The point you dont seem to grasp is this....

Necessity is these 3 things to make moves in the NBA... (expirers is no longer a top chip)

1. Talent
2. Cap Space
3. Draft Picks

This is the currency in the NBA to make trades.

You need to be in position to use your chips to acquire talent. You want to give away the one currency/chip the Knicks has on anything. You hold onto the currency until you can get what you need to be a contender. You are frivolous person just want to acquire crap for the sake of acquiring crap. You have the mentality of the previous regimes in the front office that got this team stuck in mediocrity/losing and constantly disrespected. Acquire bad contracts, you know why they are bad contracts because the ability does not come close to the salary.

Finally we have an intelligent man (although his arrogance is dangerous) that will not just spend money and take away the one piece of currency the Knicks has. The arrogance for example is I believe Zen thinks his system can kind of supersede talent.

There are no guarantees any all-star or super-star talent will sign here but you cant waste the currency just for the sake of wasting it. You hold onto it, you can draft talent and boost the players marketability and league appeal (Exactly what Zen is trying to do with that crap Bargs).
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