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Default Re: The Undefeated NBA Top 50 ALL TIME List

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
When you remove Drexler to add Reggie it just gives further proof that nobody in history is more propped up in retrospect than Reggie. There were not 12 people on the face of the earth including the state of Indiana who thought Reggie Miller was better than Clyde Drexler when they were playing. Even more ridiculous to me is that Reggie was 31 when he didn't make the first list so it's not like he wasn't established. And there wasn't one person alive saying he should have. People were asking where Dominique was. Nobody gave a shit about Reggie. I'm not even sure he was in the arena that day. But Drexler was. He would've been there had he not even made the list.....because he was an all star in 97 and Reggie wasn't....despite being years younger.

Reggie gets better the further you get from actually having to watch him play every week.
When it comes to the HOF.... Reggie didn't even make the ballot his first time to even be on the list to be voted/ considered for the HOF.

The next time...... he was put on the ballots, made the cut, and then was voted in for the HOF first try.

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