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Default Re: Who Will The Dallas Mavericks Pick At #51?

Originally Posted by DatZNasty
If there's a 6'9+ guy who plays very little in the paint, isn't a great athlete, and prefers jumpshots over banging in the paint from Europe somewhere, we'll take him.

If we're listing to DatZ and trying to get younger and more athletic and just want some solid role players who can play in this league, then Daron Washington or Pat Ewing Jr
Patrick Ewing Jr will go undrafted,I gurantee you that and he could be had as an undrafted free agent.

Dallas has a stupid roster,its still amazes me that they waived Rayshawn Terry although he could've possibly developed into a good role player for them.

Maybe with Rick Carlisle as HC they can clear space on this roster and give some younger guys a chance to play rather than filling out their bench with old scrubs like Devean George,Juwan Howard,and Eddie Jones.

And scrubs who aren't going to contribute at all like Antoine Wright,Tyronn Lue,Malik Allen,and Jamaal Magloire.
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