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Default Re: Do the unthinkable?

I hear Bosh is a winner? Where has he won? Other than on an Olympic team filled with stars.

I agree Bosh has some good qualities; character off the court and for the most part on it. His stats have been great for the most part this year. Part of it is the Jermaine O'Neal effect.

But Bosh's defense is not that stellar. Many were clamouring of how well he played defensively on Team USA. Of course that was against less athletic players compared to what he sees in the NBA every night. Put him on the same wing guys Bargnani has been playing and he would not fair any better. In fact I think Bargnani would fair better than Bosh guarding wings.

People talk of his leadership. There is some however he does not have enough edge or fire to him. Almost I see him cowardly. Case in point; they are getting drilled by the Celtics. Perkins does am emphatic dunk up by 20+ which results in a technical. He flails his arms in the air into Bosh in Bosh's house and Bosh does not react. If it was Jermaine O'Neal, Perkins would have been on his ass. Bosh did nothing. That is embarassing especially on home court. Should I mention he seems to wimp out against Garnett and not play aggressive enough. Sure he takes the ball to the basket at times but many times he flops or imbellishes the contact instead of taking it really strong at a guy.

I thought a bit that maybe Bosh is not the guy to lead a team to a championship. Sure he works hard but I think he misses some of the intangibles such as true toughness.
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