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Default Re: I Need Some Advice On Pull-up Jumpers

Originally Posted by JustinJDW
Yeah, I'm trying to work on my Pul-Up jumper too. Pull-Up jumpers, mid-range jumpers and shooting off the dribble are the main things I'm working on this Summer. I'm a great stand still shooter, but I want to become a better overall shooter.

I'm really good at cutting screens and moving off the ball, so I'm trying to utilize that talent by working on my mid-range game. Pull-up jumpers and shots of the dribble. That kind of thing.

It takes serious practice. You got to get up high. My shots different with pull-up jumpers. (Probably not a good thing, but I said I'm workin on it, lol). You got to plant your feet and get up high. Then of course, you have to time that release. But the hardest part for me is body control after the jump. Thats the key to pull up jumpers.

Those are good things to work on man. For the op, I would say moreso then trying to get a lot of elevation, is emphasis really using your legs. like you want to feel that dip down, then going into our normal shooting motion. That is what did the trick for myself, when I was learning to make my game more dynamic from being just a set shooting, to having the baility to shoot off the dribble, off balance etc etc shooter
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