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Default Re: I Need Some Advice On Pull-up Jumpers

Originally Posted by carpevicis
What is the most efficient way to bring the ball from your dribble to shot pocket? I have extremely short arms, so my poor standing reach means it doesn't take a good defender to contest my shot. Usually by the time I'm in the air for a shot, the defender is up in my face and I'm forced to either pass it off or take a bad shot. I also don't jump very high while shooting.

I've tried experimenting with different things, the hard dribble, changing my release point; as of right now the way I do it is I drive at my defender like I'm going to penetrate then I stop on my inside foot and kind of fade back.

Sometimes I try shooting it like Kevin Durant also, shoot the ball right in front of my face so I don't have to waste time getting it above my forehead. But this requires extreme precision and isn't a good look for me. So what's the best way to really master the pull up?

My vertical isn't bad, but like others have mentioned it's not about how high you jump. So what are the ways I can really boost it? It's the weakest part of my game and my short height dictates that I should have a solid shot to be effective.

My method: Determine when you want to bring the ball up from your dribble, and start to gather your feet. As you do that, you catch the last dribble, go into triple threat, and raise up so shoot, all in one fluid motion. My jumpshot used to be really slow which gave defenders plenty of time to get up and swat it. Instead of bring the ball up, arching it, and releasing, it all becomes one motion.

The best way to master your jumpshot is to find a rhythm that works and stick to it. You must have the same jump, the same release time, and the same footwork every single time.
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