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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Originally Posted by OldSchoolBBall
You actually have a really quick change of direction for a 6' tall dude. I didnt read your profile description, so when watching the video I assumed you were 5'7"-5'10" based on the way you moved. Decent open court speed, not a ton of hops, good vision despite some risky passes, good range and accuracy on your jumpers but not the quickest pull-up I've ever seen or anything. Decent player overall.

EDIT: Just saw that you're only 145 pounds at 6' tall -- no wonder you change directions that quickly. That's crazy thin.

Yes, hesitation to freeze defenders and changing direction are my most-used offensive attributes. I'm not really physically fast, although people think I'm fast with the ball and I definitely am agile. I placed first in all the agility workouts in college when I was playing. Passing is what I do, I have good court sense and high basketball IQ.. (I have played basketball for 19 years now, so...) A lot of the teams I play for are straight run and gun, and I have a bunch of 6'5+ wing players who run the floor with me that I used to play college ball with. I usually average like 20 & 12 in most of the rec leagues I play in due to having a talented team and a lot of good finishers. I do have a very high percentage jumper, but I don't shoot the ball all that much. And yes, I don't jump very high. At peak athleticism, I can dunk the ball on a good day... sad considering I'm 6'0 tall. I get up quickly, but I don't get up very high.
And yes, I'm 145 lbs and not the strongest guy around. When I was playing in college, I had decent strength for a 145 lb guy, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you just need that extra weight. When I go up against those Baron Davis sized point guards, defending them is a nightmare for me because they can be physical and force their way where they want to go. My max front squat was 225, and my max power clean was 187 lbs. But that strength requires some motion and effort, whereas when you have extra weight you can just be big and not have to put that effort in. When in college, they had me on 3 protein shakes a day, lifting 4-5 days per week and I simply don't gain. I blame it on my Chinese metabolism. =D
But now that I'm out and done, I don't mind being skinny. In fact, I'd rather be skinny now and stay skinny when I'm 50, rather than be buff, get lazy, and have the muscle turn to fat at 50.
I'm playing in 6 leagues a week right now. That's a lot of basketball, but it's what I love to do! =D

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