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Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
I'd actually like to see what Rose could do with Ben Gordon too. So maybe it would be best re-sign both of them (then they could trade Gordon if he doesn't work out). They can still use players like Hinrich and Larry Hughes to try and get another big man to score more points. But I'd really like to see what Derrick Rose could do with this team.

PG: Derrick Rose
SG: Ben Gordon
SF: Luol Deng
PF: Drew Gooden
C: Noah


PG: ?
SG: Sefolosha
SF: Andres Nocioni
PF: Tyrus Thomas
C: Aaron Gray

Thats another option. I wouldnt be surprised if thats the way things turned out. Of course add in a couple second rounders and maybe a minor free agent signing of a backup point gaurd. Paxson has already stated he's looking for a coach to see what ideas they have for the current roster, and he's not going to rework the entire roster. I think that might have been a hint of what to expect. I wouldnt mind all that much. I thought our front court was the only consistency we had last year. I expect better from Gordon and Deng and Rose resolves alot of those issues. Now that we have the 1st pick in the draft everyone is so quick to giveup on what we already have. The potential is still there, its just a matter of getting the right coach for the job, establishing some leadership, and balancing out the roster so everyone knows what there role is. Dont forget some of the same guys you all are talking about getting rid of, are the same ones who kept us in the playoffs without a true star year after year. As far as I'm concerned last season doesnt count. Its like Gilbert Arenas said,"the same guys that dug them in that hole, are the same guys thats going to dig them out." Our problems last year wasnt the players themselves, it was a combination of alot of different things, distractions, injuries, chemistry, no coach, and Ben Wallace. And just so you know, thats the recipe for disaster. Its funny how towards the end after the smoke cleared and we got rid of Wallace we looked more like the REAL bulls. I personally think paxson should give these guys another shot. But ever since Brand and Curry was traded, weve been pounded by the media for a low post man. It'll never stop until we either get one, or win the championship without one. If we go that route hopefully Thomas and Noah steps up.

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