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Default Re: How did Wade land at Marquette?

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
from what i hear and read, he did terrible at school, he went to richards high school which isn't a highly touted bball school they're more known for football, although he was a pretty good player but not outstanding, and richards as a team wasn't all that great, he was ranked in the top 100 in the nation tho somewhere in the 60-80 range, my ex-gf went to the richards and she's the same age as wade and she told me wade was a rockstar at that school they already had posters of him everywhere so... i dunno! but academically he was a problem at that time

he also sat out his freshman year at marquette and i also heard he went to europe (wasn't sure if it was bball related) and he DRASTICALLY improved his game during that span also, tom crean and staff does a great job of recruitting rough gems out of chicago also, wades my favorite player on the planet
Wade wasn't in any Top 100 that I know of. He was maybe a little underrated coming out of high school but he wasn't a terrific prospect.

Illinois didn't recruit him for the same reasons everyone else besides DePaul, Marquette and Illinois State didn't. It was more or less known he was going to be a Prop 48 and unlike Frank Williams- who was a Prop 48 two years before, and it wasn't as widely known that he'd be one as it was with Wade- he wasn't an elite prospect.
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