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Default Re: What is the Super Bowl starting to look like? My Top 10

Originally Posted by HisJoeness
I've been meaning to ask you what's with Cinci's offense being so conservative after they've jumped out to a 10-0 or 14-0 lead? Most of those 17-13 wins should have been blowouts.

Very conservative, vanilla playcalling. We really don't have a deep threat either (Chad doesn't seem to do this much anymore), so it's a bit hard to go for that sort of "knock out" punch.

This is very much a Pittsburgh Steelers-esque offensive squad (or at least the way the Steelers used to be). Rely on line play up front and get that 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

What the Bengals should strive for is to find a way to return to the form that they had for that dominating performance they had against the bears, where it was a good balance.

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