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Default Re: Dwight Howard wins defensive player of the year again. Voting results inside

Originally Posted by HisAirness3
Lebron has had his moments of shutting down players as well, not a lot but he's had his moments. And No, If Lebron was given the same role as Artest, he would definitely be more successful than Artest. If Lebron's job was to just play defense, rebound, and hustle all game long, then Lebron would be better at it than Artest.

See what he did in Team USA, he had a very good defensive outcome in his time there.

But it's not his role because his role is to be the #1 option on offence, so we would never know how he would do in Artests role now would we? It takes defense to play heart.

Plus whats next? If LeBron was in Prime Shaq's role to dominate the post he would average 30\15 and put up 40\20 in the finals as well?
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