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Default Re: Did bynum ever get this many lop/dunks in a game as Dwight?

Originally Posted by BlueandGold
Post/paint production from your starting center doesn't matter?

i'm just wondering if anybody really thinks bynum is better than dwight.. 1 preseason game in and i can already tell the difference.

BTW like i said in my edited OP.. just trying to compare the two recent all-star Laker centers, not trying to intentionally hate on Bynum

Forget to read the OP again? I'm comparing individual games. As far as careers go though Dwight even through his first 5 seasons has done exponentially more than Bynum has his entire career. Dwight's back surgery was literally his first invasive surgery he's had his entire career while Bynum already has a lengthy history of knee problems.

Not sure what your trying to say but if i wanted to compare careers I have much more resounding evidence at my disposal.. maybe that's how short-sighted your mind operates though. Please read op next time or will just continue to dismiss as garbage poster.

You use one lousy pre-season game against the Kings and use it to measure the disparity between Bynum and Howard in that regard, and you call me short-sighted?

At the All-Star break last season, the Lakers led the NBA in alley-oops, which I recall getting much attention as their inner city rivals were the ones labeled "Lob City"

But that doesn't fit your agenda, so guess it's cool to leave out, right?

Look, Dwight is better than Bynum. Bynum is more skilled offensively, but Dwight is more productive offensively particularly as the focal point of teams' defenses, and way, way, way more impactful defensively, especially in the Lakers number 1 weakness: pick and roll defense.

With that said, you making this thread is unnecessary, and could have easily be posted in the Game Thread. Counting the dunks Dwight has in a preseason game is assinine. Now, if you want to discuss the dynamic effects behind the ability of the Lakers to keep interior defenders unbalanced because of that likely threat, that is completely different and much more thread worthy.

This shit though?
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