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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

I get the feeling the Browns aren't wild about Blackmon. I've always liked him as a prospect, but there is almost no buzz in Cleveland surrounding Blackmon coming from those in the know. It seemed to me that if we didn't get RG3, it was going to be Claiborne. Sheldon Brown simply cannot play the No. 2 corner position anymore and Claiborne is legit.

I was really, really high on Blackmon until I heard he was only 6-foot. I still like him a lot, but that is pretty short for the receiver position.

Don't get me wrong... Still love to have him. But, I just don't think Holmgren/Heckert will go that direction. Neither of those guys have ever taken a WR that high and I don't think Blackmon is going to be the exception.

I still think Blackmon could be Greg Jennings 2.0.

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