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Default Re: Lebron rarely has healthy all-stars

Originally Posted by tpols
Bosh played against OKC with no minutes restriction full workload just like all the starters... so thats not true.

in '13 Wade also played more minutes than anybody on the spurs or Heat other than Lebron and had his by far best series of that run in the Finals. If he was on a minute restriction... then EVERY body from both teams other than LBJ was on a minute restriction.

Bosh came back on minute restriction AFTER missing 10 games, go look at bball ref.

Wade sat large portions of 4th quarters because he was so detrimental. did he even play in the game 6 4th q? Lol.

Wade did 19.6 on 47.6% FG with a terribly negative +/-, that was his best series of the run?

Jezuz fck, LeBron's support indeed has been pathetic.
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