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Default Re: Arenas runs mouth again: "...Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener

Originally Posted by Los Angeles
Oh please, can you find the articles where he claimed the things you say he did? You're a Wizard fan, so of course you will know the little details in more depth then someone who doesn't follow Washington. And I'm not so sure it was just two teams he claimed he'd drop 50 against. I remember hearing a lot of stuff regarding him constantly making those claims...maybe it was the media that was over blowing everything regarding him. I really didn't pay his mouth no mind, I don't take him as seriously as some other fans do.

What you fail to understand is that when someone makes a claim like that publicly and fails...people will remember that for a longer time then when he actually succeeds. I personally don't remember him promising to score 50 on Phoenix, or take Washington to the playoffs. Not like either of them are bold statements...making the playoffs in the eastern conference with the talent he has around him, should have been a no brainer. And what's so special about scoring 50+ on Phoenix, that's one of the easier teams to score 50 on because of the pace they play. Yeah of course it's impressive regardless but how many shots did he took in that game? He took 37 shots, hit 21 of them...good for him. He was 3 for 15 for 9 points, against Portland...the team he promised he'd torch before hand. After that game all I heard was how much of a joke Gilbert is, yeah fans can be irrational and cruel...they don't pay him no mind when he torches Phoenix after claiming he would, but he gets bashed for failing to do so against Portland...that's just how basketball fans are especially the hardcore fans, that game along is probably why I think he made a lot more bold statements then he really did....because the media probably drag that for weeks.

Why are you naming me things he did last season, did he actually say he will achieve those things before hand? I mean did he not start talking crap about scoring 50+ points on everyone after his impressive span of high scoring games? 60 against my Lakers, 54 against Phoenix...did he not say he'll drop 50 on Phoenix after he torched LA? He always goes overboard with his comments, he makes a big shot...he thinks he's Michael Jordan. That's his personality, he needs to learn to bite his tongue sometime or else a lot more hate will come toward him. That's the nature of human beings.

I understand you aren't as in the know on what Arenas does, but that still doesn't change the fact that you made a statement without doing any research and just listening to what that tool JasonTerry or whoever else has a vendetta against Arenas says.

Took two seconds on Google. He guaranteed 100 points combined against Phoenix and Portland BEFORE the season started right after he left the national team.

And why are you making more baseless accusations? Where does he ever compare himself to Michael Jordan? Since you're so against doing a Google search or actually having a reason for anything you say, I assume I won't be getting an answer that actually addresses what you just said.

And if its so easy to score 50 against Phoenix, why didn't more players, most rated ahead of Arenas (rightfully so) score 50 against them? To be completely honest, I think it was a little foolhardy for him to give a team like Portland something to play for, stopping Arenas. They did it. Twice. I was at the first game and it was disgusting. But the point is, you can't back up anything you say, which is exactly what you're accusing Gilbert of doing. Find me evidence of the contrary and I'll tell you you're completely right and I'll shut up.

Edit: I named things he did last season because he dubbed it "the year of the takeover" or something like that. What did he do? Rose to possible top 10 status and had a hell of a season. Although, I do think his season two years ago was actually his most impressive.

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