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Default Re: Arenas runs mouth again: "...Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener

And if its so easy to score 50 against Phoenix, why didn't more players

He had an agenda to score 50+ points, he took 37 shots...and then got humiliated by Portland after running his mouth on a 3 for 15 shooting night.

That's 1 claim he hasn't lived up too, and if they don't beat'll be another instance where he put a foot in his mouth. In regards to my previous comments, I guess I take them back? Since I honestly don't feel like researching and trying to prove to you what I heard in the media last season.

Him calling out LeBron James about not being able to take the last shot, and claiming how he was doubled teamed against Portland and that he will drop 50 on them at HOME...and guess what...HE DIDN't. In fact Washington lost BOTH games to Portland, and Gilbert was held to 28 points on 7 for 31 shooting in the two games against a team he wanted to torch because their head coach didn't select him to the Olympics.

That's 1 for 3...and how about his team getting swept by the guy he called out (LeBron), getting swept in the 1st round by Cleveland.

Didn't he also claim he's taking the 3 point shoot out during the All-Star Break? And when he knew he couldn't win, he started showing off by attempting one handed shots.

So you're backing him up because Washington made the playoffs (With Butler & Jamison on the team)...and because he scored 50 points against Phoenix on 37 shots (can you say agenda? I can). Wow, I guess he definitely makes up for his promises eh. Getting 50 against Phoenix was impressive as hell, kudos to the man...but you need to understand he also has his share of failed promises...and those are the ones people are more likely to remember.

And yeah, he had an incredible season last doubt about it, the most clutch player in the league bar none last seaosn.
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