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Default Re: Arenas runs mouth again: "...Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener

I could make a case that Gilbert Arenas is a top 10 player in NBA history.

Right because claiming Ray Allen is better then Gilbert Arenas is as absurd as placing Gilbert Arenas in the top 10 players of all-time. Either Allen is extremely underrated, or Arenas is extremely overrated. You can choose.

he said this before he had scored 50 in a game in his LIFE- and he did it.

Did he not score 60 points like 4 games prior to playing Phoenix? Or did he make that prediction before playing the Lakers?

PEOPLE will? you say this as if you are excluded from this group.

My posts prove everything I've just stated, I don't recall him assuring he'll drop 50 on Phoenix but I do recall him failing to score 50 against Portland. Media tends to ride failure a lot more then success, especially when a person opens his mouth and fails to deliver the goods.

notables such as Chris Webber, Rasheed Wallace, Juwan Howard, Mitch Richmond, Rip Hamilton, Jerry Stackhouse, and Michael Jordan on the roster.

1. Did any of those players had the level of talent that Gilbert had last season?
2. Was the eastern conference as weak now as it was when those particular players played for Washington?

the Wizards hadn't been to the playoffs since the early 90s and hadn't been to the second round in 20 years

Why would you bring this up, has Washington got past the first round with Gilbert Arenas yet? You're talking about 3 years ago, my bad.

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