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Default Re: Let's Deal for Vince Carter

Also, just as a side thought, I realized that a lot of teams that have recently resurged have a pattern in common: They take advantage of teams tearing down their rosters and grab superstars for low prices. Examples:

Grizzlies are in a panic, trade Gasol for a future.

Hornets, two years ago, saw a ceiling with their current roster, so they traded Baron Davis to the Warriors for cap space.

The Pacers lost their cool last year and cleaned house. The Warriors jumped on it, again, and grabbed SJax and Al Harrington for two guys who didn't fit their roster or head coach's system.

The Sixers paniced last year and the Nuggets took advantage by getting A.I. for an ugly contgract and a free agent.

The Trail Blazers gave themself a lethal injection a few years back and Detroit took Rasheed Wallace off their hands for, basically, Chucky Atkins and Bob Sura. The move propelled them to a Championship.

Enough examples, I know, but you get my point: Some of the best roster moves are made by taking advantage of another teams situation. Everyone rebuilds and tears down, but the players have to go somewhere. We should've taken A.I. last year. We could've had Paul Pierce last year. Multiple times, we've ignored opportunities to push us over the top. This year, multiple teams are demolishing their current rosters. We're treading water until Brand gets back. Just keep that in mind as we hear reports of players wanting out.

Take advantage of fire sales.
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