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Default Re: Let's Deal for Vince Carter

I dont think trading for vince would be wise. I think that in a short amount of time Carter's production will commence a deep decline... his legs are already heading in that direction. Plus his massive contract is something that the clips should be bogged down by.

I think the Clippers are doing a little bit of both: They are rebuilding AND keeping key players. Granted, with Brand there is the possibility that he will opt out and taste free agency, but you have to image that the clips have a good chance of keeping him. Also, they have Kaman who is playing bigtime ball. And with C.Mag... Frankly I think they should try to sign and trade. I dont think he fits the system, no matter how much Sterling is in love with him.

Also, on the rebuilding side... If Livingston can come back from injury, he can be a solid young addition. (true.. big if...) They already got Al from last seasons draft, who is showing mighty good promise. And this year its no doubt that they will have a solid pick in the draft... (as long as they dont mess it up, like in previous seasons..)

With that said, I dont believe that gambling on the borderline starstatus of Vince Carter is the better move, for this franchise.
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