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Default Re: Let's Deal for Vince Carter

Originally Posted by hutcht02
I'll do it too. Three team trades are much harder to work, and Baylor is already super conservative when it comes to pulling the trigger, however. But I love this trade idea. I'd love to bring Vince in and see him next to Thornton, but I also love Maurice Ager. This kid could be really good if he gets some burn.

Ager was just a throw-in, but if he does get the time, I can see him becoming a solid all-around player. Let's say we follow this up with Sammy to Denver for Kleiza like I know you want, and as do I, and trade our top 5 pick for two first rounders and take Collison + Ryan Anderson and then take Sean Singletary in the 2nd round. Whatever signings occur in the offseason, happen, but our roster looks like:

PG: Brevin Knight | Darren Collison | Shaun Livingston
SG: Vince Carter | Sean Singletary
SF: Al Thornton | Linas Kleiza
PF: Elton Brand | Tim Thomas
CE: Chris Kaman | Ryan Anderson | Josh Powell

I like that unit, Kleiza is a big wing who can play SG-CE in certain situations and Anderson is a GREAT post scorer. That is also a very versatile unit, let's look at the positions everyone can play:

Brevin Knight - PG
Darren Collison - PG/SG
Shaun Livingston - PG/SG
Vince Carter - SG/SF
Al Thornton - SG/SF/PF
Sean Singletary - SG/PG
Linas Kleiza - SG/SF/PF/CE
Elton Brand - PF/CE
Tim Thomas - PF/SF/CE
Chris Kaman - CE
Ryan Anderson - CE/PF
Josh Powell - PF/CE

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