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Default Re: who is a more effective defender, Jordan or Pippen?

Originally Posted by Da KO King
Pippen was more versatile. They were equals in terms of effectiveness.
my thoughts exactly. jordan was better as a double and recover guy, a better thief, and a better shotblocker as a help defender (though scottie was better at blocking his own guy's shot). pippen was better as a hard trap guy. and where mike could defend three positions adequately, you really only wanted him on sgs. scottie could guard 4 positions adequately, and you were equally comfortable with him on sgs or sfs full time. overall basically a wash except that scottie could guard more spots, so i give it to pip. i do think jordan was a great defender for longer than scottie. scottie wasn't really top notch on d until 91, and injuries started to slow him down before 98. jordan was the best defender at his position for almost 10 years (would have been ten if he didn't miss two seasons).
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