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Originally Posted by percelloveknicks
No i didnt watch a nets game against the hawks, but i did see iman take the ball from deron who is also a much better player, and stronger, and take it coast to coast for the score. I also in that same game match up against brooks, and i came away more impressed with iman, did you see that game.
Yes... I did see that game.

I mentioned that one play not as an only play but that it takes some great big balls to tell Deron to clear out so he can take on a very good player like Joe Johnson.

I am not comparing either player because the sample size for Iman is non-existant. I was commenting on how good Marshon looked after a few games and it says ROY on the thread. It doesnt say ROY suck on IMAN's tit because he's a Knick if thats where you're coming from. This seems where you are coming from.

I saw only one game with Kyrie but it looks like he is playing well.
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