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Default Re: Scalebrine DESTROYS Boston's best street ballers

Separately, the third opponent didn't seem to do a bad job. He apparently played minor league ball overseas and had a D-League tryout but did not make it through. Again though, he was 6'2'', so he was in trouble from the start, though he played Scalabrine tough, pushing Scal on defense like he was an offensive lineman. The issue again though, was the height and weight advantage. Both players seemed to miss their first five shots a piece, but Brian always had the ability to shoot over the top when he wanted.

I think I personally would have struggled with two things: the NBA three-point line and the 10-second shot clock. You could see a lot of times where players would probably just pull back out and reset if they were playing a normal game of one-on-one or 21, but had to resort to firing a desperation fallaway to beat the clock. Then again, Scalabrine had that same shot clock so all is fair.

And in terms of NBA threes, I've never had a reason to fire them except for rare occasions, and that seemed true for these guys as well. Whereas normally I have a defender guarding me at the high school or college line, being guarded at the NBA stripe by a 6'9'' guy with good feet would be double trouble, because I wouldn't be a consistent threat out there, thus allowing the defender to sag as he pleased.
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