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Default Re: Scalebrine DESTROYS Boston's best street ballers

Originally Posted by kNicKz
I was referring only to his first matchup when I made the "He didn't exactly dominate" remark. Yes, he won by a large margin (11-3) but it was more of a grind than it was a dominant display of power. He muscled home his first five shots, but then missed seven of his next ten. Scalabrine was unquestionably the better player, but he didn't make that first matchup look like a cake walk.

On the flip side, I thought his first opponent had some tough luck misses out there and resorted to the step back NBA three way too much (half of his shots were NBA threes). Then again, he made a couple of tough ones, so I guess it evens out.

I think the other games went pretty quickly by comparison. The third matchup started off pretty roughly (and the 4th as well, I think) but Scalabrine was able to find a groove in short order. He missed five of his first six shots in game 3, then hit 8 of his next 10 to win.
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