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looks like the release day problems are 'fixed'. before the patch game kept crashing for me, i could't even finish a single match. after the patch it didn't crash anymore, but i kept on getting disconnected. did a little research and it said somewhere to close the bluetooth tray app, i did and haven't been disconnected since.

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
You'd be lucky to run that with a 780.

which reminds me..i'm tempted to buy one after the price drops but i guess i still don't need if i continue with 1080p, i have a 7970 atm.

Originally Posted by miller-time
Just got this today, game is soo good! They've really tightened up the feel of the game from BF3. I got it on PC, I couldn't imagine getting this for console.

honestly i really don't see that much difference from bf3 in terms of graphics, but they did allow destruction on an even higher level
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