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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence and Solar power Breakthrough

Originally Posted by bladefd
Big breakthrough announced today. They created software for focusing mirrors on a single point and capture the heat being generated. They were able to hit over 1,800 degrees Celsius

It certainly won't be something for residential level but it can be harnessed for centralized production ala power plant and private sector for steel/cement/etc production. It's not enough heat for sustained nuclear fusion reactor unfortunately but still huge breakthrough

This is pretty awesome. I watched a video not too long ago by CNBC on a new technology and process for making cement. One of the main issues highlighted was the high energy use in creating and drying mixed cement during the old process. It's great to see the advent of new technology applied to exiting processes to make them more efficient.

Oh, and there's Bill Gates again... that "privileged white guy who thinks he knows what he's talking about."

The Janicki Omniprocessor (turns waste water to pure water one site) is one of my favorite things he has done.

That, this, and his other work and investments in the clean energy space are definitely something to follow.
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