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Default Re: Nets 2016 Offseason Discussion Thread!

whoa... i didn't even see this thread until just now. anyway, i think the most important things for the nets are the continued org building and the making of smart decisions.

make one good decision, then another, and then another. act out of patience, not urgency. good things will eventually happen.

my guess as to the tim walsh situation is that marks talked to him about modernising his techniques, and walsh responded with something like "i've been doing this stuff for X years and am regarded as one of the best in the business. i'm going to do what i think is right." ...and marks' decision was made.

i'm not worried about the celtics-owned picks. what happens with those picks has only the slightest bearing on the nets' future. the only reason to worry about them is as an act of hand-wringing and saying "oh woe, what could have been." yeah, screw that noise.

a reasonable goal for the offseason would be to pick up some interesting prospects to either stash or add to the long island nets. having a d-league team should be very helpful, particularly in the years to come.

who knows... maybe atkinson can rehabilitate one of the PG's on the roster. it seems to be his specialty, plus the words of joe johnson echo in my head-- "too many guys were just playing for their own stats last season."

a reasonable goal for next season would be to overtake the knicks and see more development out of the three prospects (RHJ, brown, mccullough). it sounds like they are working hard during this offseason, so that's a positive sign. if the team merely picks up where it left before thad and brook were shelved, it's at least going to be a well-playing team.
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