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Default Re: 2000's the best era in basketabll.....

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
Probably the worst actually. 80's was the most competitive.

You know it's a shit era when Kobe Bryant of all people is the most dominant player and face of the NBA over the 10 year span. LOL.

You know when someones retarded when they laugh at their own jokes.

1st Shaq was the Most Dominant Player.

2nd Kobe OWNED ALL the Players during 2000 era so I understand why you are butt hurt.

Kobe,Shaq,Duncan,Garnett,LeBron,Wade,Dirk and Etc Yea Shiit Era

2000 Era has Changed where Now Most team plays Outside Inside compare to back in the days when it was mostly Inside Out.

WB loving Prick go study some basketball.
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