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Default Re: Melo's 50 Points vs Heat

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
I know your probably posting on a shaky internet connection in a gang riddled favela in the scummiest part of the world. But at which point did I say Melo was better than Lebron?

I simply pointed out that Lebron guarding Melo would end up with Lebron having more fouls. I also indicated Melo would score less with Lebron guarding him.

Now go back to you and your sisters kids and forage through the dump so they can eat tonight.
The first part is actually true. I have a really shaky mobile internet xD. The next is not, favelas only exist in Brazil, don't use things you don't know about, you look like a dumb ignorant trying to be a superior fat-capitalist guy shiting on his golden toilet and probably being something like 400 pounds with farts that can set hairs on fire.

And no, LeBron is not used to foul people, he's a pretty clean defender, he's bigger, faster and stronger than Carmelo. He's gonna make him work for every shot and in the offensive side he's still gonna outplay anyone in front of him. The Knicks have ZERO chance at even competing with the Heat. Miami is wishing to see the Knicks in the ECF to have a clean pass to the finals without sweating.
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