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Default Re: Trump vs Hillary

Originally Posted by ThePhantomCreep
These are pretty much the same people predicting a Trump victory.

Please tell me how Trump will better Romney's performances in the swingiest of swing states?

Ohio - 57% non-Hispanic Whites voted for Romney
Florida - 60% non-Hispanic Whites voted for Romney
Virginia - 61% non-Hispanic Whites voted for Romney

Romney absolutely crushed it with the demographic Trump panders exclusively to, yet lost decisively on Election Night. The three states above? They went to Obama--a divisive incumbent sitting on nearly 8% unemployment, and a man whose own popularity had dipped from 2008. Obama was ripe for a loss, yet cruised into the WH.

You could argue Hillary is no Obama, but she certainly has a large, loyal following--she even won the popular vote when she squared off against Obama in 2008.

Trump has no realistic shot at the presidency. It's a pipe dream.

Bu bu but how will all the insecure racists feel good about themselves!?!
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