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Originally Posted by AppleNader
Coach K getting war veterans to instill a sense of pride in the players? All for nothing.

All this hype about a new national team program? All for nothing.

All the hype about surrounding stars with role players? All for nothing.

All the hype about getting coachs like D'Antoni into the program? All for nothing.

This is a national embarrassment. Placing 4th in the World Championships when we seemingly did almost everything necessary to ensure we would win gold. Terrible. Not even on the medal podium.

I will not be surprised if most of the original 24 members decide to remove themselves from the roster simply because they are sick of this bullsh&t.

i'm not sure that's true. the team made a 3 year commitment to win the gold in the 2008 olympics. they'll play together again next year (hopefully for more than a month) and then again in '08. it's not a matter of players' talents or skillsets. it's a matter of cohesiveness and team play. maybe another summer will be long enough for them to get it together, and maybe they're doomed. i'm personally very disappointed by the way they lost, but i wouldn't say the new system in a failure just this tournament, which is a spectacular failure.
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