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Default Re: Yea....scratch that.

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Since you are trying to tell me what my stance is, and claiming that I was 100% sure, what is the next stance that you want to attempt to put into my mouth?

I didn't know either. Is it a phrase in the medical world? Is there a medical world to begin with?

Caught using what, and how much?

A lot of babies had short arms, blue eyes, chubby cheeks too. What he looked like during a time where his body was producing a large amount of growth hormone is irrelevant. What is relevant, is his jaw as an adult, namely before he went pro, and his early years in the NBA.

Thanks for the advise on sounding intelligent. I wasn't trying to impress anyone. However, I have to intervene here. My "s/o" not only studies the subject, but has over a decade of real world practice. It is her career, her passion, and unfortunately the collateral damage of being in that path, is having the great resources at my disposal, that most people do not have the luxury to have. It wouldn't matter, I had already done a great deal of research on the subject before I met her. We are the equivalent of a married couple, except we both mutually do not support the concept of marriage as a title.

Well take the blinders off, and view the subject a bit more objectively. Again, start some comparisons with an adult this time. Also, stop with the assumptions and the jumping to conclusions. If you want to sound intelligent, then stay in context.
You've told me more about you and your s/o then the topic man. Eliminate the fluff and show me why you think Wade is on HGH please.
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