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Default Re: I Hate Govt Workers...

Originally Posted by niko
Someone kick your puppy? Piss off wanker.

But, I do agree with him.

Here's where your problem begins:

2) Then i am told i cannot get a waiver because i already bought my tickets so how can it be an emergency?. I note to them the problem is going to be longterm, and we could only afford to go now (the summer the prices are sick expensive).

This would reflect poorly on you, and your child, if this is how you presented your case to the board. Cost. Tuition is averaging somewhere around 15k/yr (likely higher in nyc), but you don't want to take the hit on travel during the more expensive summer season. Also, classifying the problem as "longterm" works against you here. You're implying there's no urgency. More importantly, your child's education is also longterm. Perception.

This person correctly denied your waiver application. If you would have cranked up the scumbaggery a few notches, and put your mother-in-law on her death bed, you would have had success. Your argument wouldn't have centered around saving money on airfare.
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