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Default Re: I Hate Govt Workers...

Originally Posted by niko
Dumbass, the person did not tell me waivers were possible. This was not an application. I am allowed to apply. The person didn't want to tell me about the application because they didn't want to move.

**** off if you don't like my wording. I'm talking to a person who basically doesn't want to process and application. This is not a person who can accept or deny. This is a person on the phone who is supposed to tell me options NOT telling me options because that would be work.

Again, the main process here would be a waiver application and the person did not tell me about it. And i've spoken to the schools and i qualify for a waiver, they just don't know how i go about it.

Why fuck off? This isn't a matter of whether or not I like your wording.
I have a hard time accepting your conclusion: this person is such a lazy, self-hating, govt. worker, they will go so far as to work against niko in order to prevent doing any work, job work.
Another possible conclusion: niko was expelled from the waiver process once a preliminary interview revealed financial motive underneath a tale of urgency/illness.

If you have to go through the boe, instead of waiving registration at the school's discretion, I'd bet you it's a procedural process with sturdy guidelines. You know, something that was intended for unavoidable situations like death. The instant you revealed these arrangements were not bound by cost, not time, there's a good chance the person could no longer help you. If your reaction to the boe was anything like the petulant attitude in this thread, I could understand why no exception was made for you if it even was possible.
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