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Default Re: I Hate Govt Workers...

Originally Posted by niko
Long story short, my daughter needs to register for schools during a week in June IF she gets into one of the better schools (we have a good chance actually). However we need to go to Japan pretty soon (Starting May 21st for about a month). My mother in law is sick, and we are going to see her.

So basically if we get in we need a waiver of registration. Of the 3 schools we might get in, 1 said "no problem" and the other 2 said "maybe, but you should ask the board of ed how to do this".

So i call the board of ed.....
1) They tell me there is NOTHING i can do. I say what about waivers? They say "OH, you know about that. Ok, waivers exists."
2) Then i am told i cannot get a waiver because i already bought my tickets so how can it be an emergency?. I note to them the problem is going to be longterm, and we could only afford to go now (the summer the prices are sick expensive).
3) I explain why i got the tickets now and are asked what the illness is about? Note: The person asking me questions has indicated i cannot get a waiver no matter what, but is doubting if i care about the dates, or if the person i am visiting is really sick, etc.

It requires a special type of asshole to work for the government. Or is is something that happens to you after you join?

Here's an idea, how about you go back to school with your daughter? This whole thread is based on a fallacy: hasty generalization.

My main source(s) of income is/are provided by grants, majority of which touch the hands of government officials so I consider myself a government employee. How exactly the above relates to me is still up for question, but your mental capacity is not.

It might be better for you to stay in Japan, preferably where radiation is above normal. I heard the government there is doing a lot for it's people with high exposure.
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