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Default Re: I Hate Govt Workers...

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
What job do you actually do? And yes, gov't employees can easily be fired if they don't do "good at their work." Problem is they have to deal with ignorant assholes like Niko all day.
The person whose job it is to facilitate problems with registration won't tell me how to fix my problem, if it can be fixed, what my options are, etc. That is her full time job. Solving registration issues. And the most basic thing, a waiver form was not even presented to me as an option.

So you're being an ass, i asked a person a question that is her only job, she gave me no info, and implied i didn't really need to visit Japan (which i really do). And i should be happy about this?

I fixed the situation, i went directly to the schools who told me they would bypass the waiver by allowing me to register early, which is an option. Please note that said govt reject told me this is not allowed. Three separate schools told me it is and are doing it for me now.

Seriously DueceWallace, you're a jerk, your first impulse is TOO ****ING BAD! OP SUCKS! Thanks....
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