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Originally Posted by thejoyofsobe
you'll notice that i didn't include Wade in my top ten also. and it's not just for his injury. If Wade improved his three pointers made to 1.3-1.5 then he would be there.

Yeah, Billups (0.9) doesn't steal like Paul (2.2), but Paul (0.6) doesn't shoot like Billups (2.3). If we knock off those two categories then they matchup like this.

Chris Paul
Games: 78
FG%: 0.43 (Wins by one percent)
FT%: 0.847
PTS: 16.1
REB: 5.1
AST: 7.1
TO: 2.4
BLK: 0.1

Chauncey Billups
Games: 81 (Has had very healthy seasons for the past six years. Not enough seasons to make judgement about Paul)
FG%: 0.42
FT%: 0.894 (Averages 0.3 more attempts at shoots at a much higher percentage)
PTS: 18.5
AST: 8.6
TO: 2.1

BLK: 0.1

Then you'll say, "Ah, what about second year improvement?"
Then I'll say, "Ah, what about sophmore slumps?"
Then you'll say, "They've got Peja now so Paul's assists will go up."
Then I'll say, "But Paul's scoring might decrease with less offensive pressure on him and using that reasoning so will Chauncey Billups' now that that Ben Wallace is gone so Flip can get his offense going. Furthermore, the addition of rebounders like Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic to the starting lineup might mean a decrease in Paul's rebounds."
Then I'll just say, "Paul hasn't gotten a chance to rest in the offseason. He came out of college, played a full NBA season, had month off, practiced for the World Championships and played decent minutes in it. And now his backup Bobby Jackson is more of a glorified shooting guard than a point guard so they'll rely more heavily on him. How can he not be worn down by the end of the season when the fantasy playoffs are held?"

Then this conversation will go in circles until we both agree to disagree and neither one of us is persuaded to change opinions.
There are some errors in that...

1st of all, Peja improves Paul's asissts WAY more than what impact Nazr can have...

TOs they are nearly even, FT% they are close, points too Paul should be higher,

I am going by probablilty, he has more % of doing much better than doing worse...

So based on that, his points, rebounds, and assists + FG% should go up...
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