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Default Re: 7'1" Georgios Papagiannis - 2016 NBA #1 Draft Pick

Originally Posted by Richesly
No way. This guy transferred to a U.S high school for a reason. He wants to play in the NBA.

Yes, that's right. The reason he decided not to stay in the US for his senior year of high school basketball was because the competition was so much lower than he had been getting being able to train in the Greek League the previous two years.

So his father decided to have him go back to the Greek League, especially since he got to sign with an actual Euroleague team (highest level in Europe) and he could then get much higher training, coaching, and play against much better players than in high school in USA for a year.

His father felt his game actually regressed last year in the USA playing against high school players, instead of professional players.

And so then he would be better prepared to play in NCAA next season, than if he stayed in high school. Their main plan has always seemed to be that they want him to play in NCAA for a year. And from what I know a lot of schools are going after him very hard.
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