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Default Re: Pistons 2017 Off Season Moves

Originally Posted by dd24
The Rockets have been busy today. People may think it's CP3 that's bringing them closer to a championship.... but wait there's more. This is the one that gets them over the top of Golden State!!
Gave him up for nothing. Makes sense. They only had a couple roster spots and need a 3rd PG and C. This clears one spot for them. I wonder if cash considerations means like $5. I would assume this helps the cap situation for Houston.

Welllll Hilliard did more for us than Middleton did, and look at him go now!.. haha, but I am fairly sure Hilliard will make a fine D-League player.

In saying that, Houston lost a lot of depth in that trade, and Hilliard has potential to be a serviceable deep threat for a team who loves to jack up treys. Might find a nice little role at the end of their bench actually. He doesn't offer much else than the long ball and from all accounts a great guy around the Locker room
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