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Default Re: 2019 Off Season Moves

They still have to take back roughly the same amount of money. They would likely prefer it to be shorter deals. I'm not sure if Miami can clear the space to do it. I think it takes a 1st round pick. I just wonder if Westbrook and Griffin can exist together. I suppose he did with CP3 and that's another guy that needs the ball in his hands. Not much of a different team from the Clippers at that point. Dre and Jordan are very similar. The Pistons probably aren't quite as deep. I would almost not want to give up Doumbouya. I'd rather be in the spot that OKC is in a way. A bunch of 1st round picks. Just blow it up and rebuild the right way. The scary thing is if it doesn't work out there is nothing that can be done for at least 3 years and from there you would need to build through the draft. It would take a decade to make the team relevant again.
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