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Default Re: LeBron has never had a 50 point playoff game?

Originally Posted by RRR3
Get off my dick, he'd already been brought up. Stop challenging everything I write, it's annoying.

Yeah, by DuMa... then me... in a non-hating mode. Funny, OP wasn't even hating on either Kobe or LeBron.

How is this challenge ? If anything, you challenged me last time in Kblaze's thread about Joel Anthony's situation of shooting a non-contested 18 footer vs Dirk getting 12-18 foot jump shot contested... and the key was they knew that someone's life was on the line.

And stop with the exaggerations. If you want to really go at it, make a poll about who's the most annoying on here, you or me. Let's see who's more annoying.
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