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Default Re: LeBron has never had a 50 point playoff game?

Originally Posted by plowking
Wow, 50 point games are extremely rare in the post season. Weird to see players like Carter on that list among some great players. Same with Floyd.

Does anyone know if triple doubles or 50 point games are rarer in the post season? I'd imagine its 50 point games comfortably.
For basic triple doubles (i.e. 10+,10+,10+) the 50 point game is far more rare.

That said, in the modern era at least, LeBron type 25+,10+,10+ triple doubles are pretty rare. 27 since '86 (when Bkb-Ref started counting) by 14 different players:

6: LeBron
3: Magic
2: Barkley, Bird, Baron Davis, Jordan, Payton, Rondo.
1: Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Ralph Sampson, Isiah Thomas, James Worthy

There have been only 19 playoff 50 point games in that span, 8 from Jordan, 3 from Iverson and no one else more than once. 28
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